1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Suite 500 South
Washington, D.C. 20004
The mission of The Financial Services Roundtable is to unify the leadership of large integrated financial services companies in pursuit of three primary objectives:

  • To be the premier forum in which leaders of the United States financial services industry determine and influence the most critical public policy issues that shape a vibrant, competitive marketplace and a growing national economy;

  • To promote the interests of member companies in federal legislative, regulatory, and judicial forums; and

  • To effectively communicate the benefits of competitive and integrated financial services to the American public.

The first of The Financial Services Roundtable's predecessor organizations, the Association of Reserve City Bankers, was formed in 1912. The 1956 Bank Holding Company Act that required Federal Reserve Board approval to establish a bank holding company led to the 1958 formation of another independent organization, the Association of Registered Bank Holding Companies. The two organizations merged in July 1993 and became The Bankers Roundtable in October 1993. The Board of Directors, in a move that reflected profound industry momentum and anticipated Congressional passage of financial modernization legislation, decided in April 1999 to broaden the mission to represent integrated financial service providers. The Board simultaneously strengthened the Roundtable's impact as a "major player" on Capitol Hill and with the regulators. In early 2000, the first members from the securities, investment, and insurance sectors joined their banking brethren as founding members of The Financial Services Roundtable.